Atelier Prélude - The Cashmere Poncho - Amélie

DSC02406 (1).jpg
DSC02406 (1).jpg

Atelier Prélude - The Cashmere Poncho - Amélie


Meet our best-seller in Black. 

Wearing this scrumptious piece is like wrapping yourself in a hug! Cozily soft and effortlessly elegant, the cashmere poncho is easy-to-wear and perfect for travel. The poncho has no armholes; simply pull it over your head and arrange to your liking.

  • One size fits all
  • 100% cashmere- 2ply 7gg 

    Front length 20" and hip length in back.

This versatile piece can be worn so many ways:

  • Short in the front, so it forms a sophisticated cowl-neck effect.
  • Asymmetrically to one side for more drama. The two longer corners can be tied under the wrist for a sweater look.
  • With the long side in the front (with the seam down the middle of your body) and a belt tied around the waist to make an instant poncho.
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